How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Damage

The ability of woodpeckers is to knock and destroy the wood with their hard of pointy beaks. Actually, several woodpeckers are very enthusiastic to damage your house to feeding insects.

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How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers on Cedar Siding

The woodpeckers can leave big mess and cause damage on your cedar siding quickly. A woodpecker won’t eager to go away when they like a place to feeding. There are many ways to get rid of woodpeckers on your cedar siding:

woodpecker damage cedar siding

  • Increase the screen frame for the woodpeckers about 1 foot away where they are making holes on your cedar siding.
  • Take reflector tape and cut it into two foot long strips to interfere the woodpeckers.
  • Spray and cover all holes in the roof or cedar siding for the insects to prevent the woodpeckers.
  • Apply the bird repellent glue around your cider siding to avoid woodpeckers.
  • Male woodpeckers will move from your cedar siding when attract females and acquired mate on mating season.
  • Hang a plastic bird around your cedar siding such as falcons, hawks and owls to scare the woodpeckers.
  • Get rid of woodpeckers from cedar siding with a motion detector, it can release a loud noise when detect movement from this birds.
  • Provide a little amount of bird feeders in landscape to keep the woodpeckers away from your cedar siding.
  • Provide the thiram around your cider siding as an animal repellent including woodpecker.

How to Repair Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers may damage your house seriously such as jackhammers, and the homeowners have to care with the holes around the home. How to repair the woodpecker damage on your house may be your next job.

repair woodpecker holes

  1. You have to repair the roof line look as good as before with some application tools and some squeezes of epoxy putty.
  2. Repair the damage by scrub wood splinters and detritus away from the holes with unused toothbrush.
  3. Enter epoxy putty with applicator nozzle into the holes and squeeze it fully.
  4. Look forward the epoxy to cure for several times as noticed on epoxy label.
  5. Next, use the fresh or glossy coat of paint with small paintbrush to the wood surface.

How to Prevent Woodpecker Damage Your House

The habit of woodpeckers on pecking the wood of home may cause severe damage such as falling down on part of the home. There are few ways that you can apply to get rid of woodpeckers from damage your parts of home.

  • Set the lightweight netting around the area where woodpecker may cause damage.
  • Locate the metal sheathing for all of holes and paint the metal as wood’s color, because the aluminum flashing is good enough for deterrent.
  • Apply the devices of noise-making to intimidate all of woodpeckers like aluminum foil, pie pans, reflective tape, plastic twirlers and colored plastic strips.
  • Keep the woodpecker birds away with loud noises.
  • Prevent the woodpeckers from the affected areas of home with sticky repellent.
  • When there are insects outside of house can attract the woodpeckers, you may treat insecticides that not really harm the birds.
  • Call an exterminator to examine the signs of insects like termites in your home.
  • The most effective methods is covering the area woodpecker damage with nylon bird netting or metal to keep woodpeckers away from the home or building.
  • The moving objects can deter and scare woodpeckers to damage wood.
  • The spice such as hot sauce can be an effective deterrent for all of birds.
  • Get rid of woodpeckers by fasten the plastic netting or mesh if they targeting your eaves.
  • You may hang hawk mobiles or mirrors under eaves to repel the woodpeckers.
  • Create simple the woodpeckers nest boxes out of wood.

Those are the multiple ways on “How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Damage” and repair this bird damage effectively. Please comment and share your experience to prevent woodpeckers from the home or cedar siding effectively.

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