How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Get rid of sugar ants can be so frustrating. Even though they look so tiny and so simple, the way to scar them away can be a bit complicated. Well, we can say that sugar ants are ant species with the simplest mind.

get rid of sugar ants

Sugar ants just eat any sweet things, sugar, and also the food scraps. And this is why we call it sugar ants even though it is not.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

The real Sugar Ant is only found in Australia and what we call sugar ants here are probably the Pharaoh Ant or Pavement Ant. But still, we can apply the same treatment to scare them away.

1. Keep the sink clean and dry

Well, basically the sugar ant loves dirty and wet places. If you want to get rid of tiny ants like sugar ants then you have to clean it up and dry the dishes completely. Also, make sure that there is no residual sweetness left around the sink or they will come into your kitchen.

Besides the sweetness, they also love any moist place. Emptying the dish drains will be a good thought.

2. Wipe the counter tops with bleaching

This way will really help you to keep the ants away from your kitchen. Other than it keeps the counter looks clean and dry, the bleaching is also able to sanitize your kitchen. It also breaks downs the route that used to be the line of the ants in following each other. It is really important to keep clean your house after all.

3. Natural ant control

There are several things you can use to keep the sugar ants away. Vinegar can replace the bleaching to be the cleaner of your kitchen counter top. Whole cloves and bay leaves can also be the good options if you want to get rid of ants naturally.

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