How to Get Rid of Spider Mites Effectively and Naturally

Get rid of spider mites naturally without killing useful insects is really needs preventative work, manage garden carefully and killing bugs with natural ways. Spider mites are one of arachnid family members such as scorpions, spiders and ticks. Spider mites web is cover in undersides of leaves.

get rid of spider mites

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

Commonly, size of spider mites is not more than 1 per 20 inch and needs a enlarge glass to identify that pests clearly. So, there are simple ways to remove this pest and webs from plant’s leaves.

1. Spray Water to Spider Mites

spray water to spider mites

Spraying for underside of leaves with the strong water stream can control the small spider mites infestations.

After you have knocked off spider mites from the plant, so the larvae and adult of spider mites will die if they are unable to feed the plant’s juices. In midsummer, spray your plants and trees with water regularly to get rid of spider mites webs and reduce the population of spider mites.

Spider mites can evolve in dusty, dry and hot conditions due to no water in the plants. So, provide your plants enough water regularly to discourage the pests. The most plants in your garden are needs one inch of water per week for every yard of soil and same as six gallons of waters.

2. Predators for Spider Mites

predator spider mites

Control spider mites by natural methods from your garden without pesticides may encourage the predators on feeding the tiny pests. Get rid of spider mites from your plant with insecticides can kill some useful bugs as other pests.

Increase the humidity in your garden with watering regularly to help few predators like western predatory mite, green lacewing larvae, sixspotted thrips, and spider mite destroyer lady beetle.

Reduce the spider mites population by releasing ladybugs and western predatory mites in your garden. Those predators may move to search if there are not enough pests to feed.

The natural pesticides can kill the spider mites on contact if releasing predatory bugs is not helpful.

3. Spray Neem Oil to Spider Mites

neem oil spray

Get rid of spider mites and kill pests by spraying neem oil to the infested leaves until the webs and spider mites soaked. Use neem oil spray regularly so that the pests are gone.

If the temperatures are more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, do not use neem oil to your plants. Avoid applying neem oil when temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Neem oil contains 100% organic ingredients and neem seeds that can be applied until the harvest day to your fruits and vegetables to kill spider mites.

4. Spray Spinosad to Spider Mites

Spinosad is contains natural soil bacterium. Mix concentrate of spinosad with water, and spray it to the top and bottom of leaves until the spider mites and webs are soaked as well. You get rid of spider mites with spinosad for until that webs and spider mites go away for every 7 to 10 days.

5. Remove Fallen Leaves and Old Mulch

You can remove the old mulch and fallen leaves to avoid spider mites infestations from trees, shrubs and under perennials. The female of spider mites with their eggs may overwinter in mulch, litter, shrub bark and in the crevices of tree.

However, the simplest way to remove spider mites is monitoring your plants and sprays enough water regularly. Before hot summer months, apply natural pesticides for the first webs appear to reduce spider mite population explodes.

We hope this tutorial “How to get of spider mites naturally” useful to prevent your plants from pest infestitation. Please comment and share your experiences for methods that work to remove spider mites.

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