How to Get Rid of Roaches

You can get rid of roaches with natural materials. You can use natural techniques to eradicate cockroaches.

The method can solve your problem in a short time. This method can also keep cockroaches from your home permanently.

get rid roaches

Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches will not come back to your house. You can stay comfortably without the disruption of cockroaches.

Bay Leaves

The leaves are sold in grocery and beverage stores. These are common materials used in the kitchen. You just have to put a bunch of these leaves in the area traversed by cockroaches.

You can put this leaf in the gap and sink hole to prevent cockroaches from entering your house. You can put this leaf in the closet and bookshelf.


Cockroaches can hide in sewer pipes and sinks. You can use ammonia to remove the cockroaches. You must mix one bucket of water with one cup of ammonia.

Ammonia has a very sharp smell that cockroaches will die and disappear from the hole.


This is the best way to get rid of roaches. Moth balls can prevent all the pests in your home. The cockroach nest will disappear with this ball.

You have to keep the ball away from the children because the moth balls can harm people.

Mint Oil

You can spray mint oil into the bathroom, sink, and to the other part that is inhabited by cockroaches. If you find cockroaches, then you can directly spray this oil into the cockroach. This material only reacts to cockroaches and is not toxic to humans so you can use this oil forever.


This fruit has anti pathogenic properties. You can use this fruit all the day. You can add lemon juice when mopping your bathroom floor or kitchen.

Cockroaches will not stand when they smell the citrate. That’s “home remedies to get rid of roaches”.

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