How to Get Rid of June Bugs

get rid of june bug

All about June bug. It is a kind insect and it has been classified into beetle species. This insect always appears around Mei and June. People can find the June bug on the trees and plants. They like to hide behind the leaves. Then, what kind of food that they eat?

Well, it is like a common insect, June bug likes to eat the root, plants, and grass. Why is this called as June bug? Because of the time of their appearance as I said before.

Getting Rid of June Bugs

I am sure that most of know if june bug can become the pest. It can cause the damages into our garden. I can cause the problems into our plants. We can see the plants are getting brown and do not green at all. And even, it can make our plants die.

Then how to get rid of june bugs? Well, here are some tips to prevent the june bugs arrival.

1. Apply Insecticide

First, you can apply insecticide. There are some kinds of insecticide. You can directly use this substance and even you can mix it with the water. It can kill all of the bugs which might be disturbed.

However, you have to be careful with this substances too, if you have a pet, it would be dangerous to your pet.

2. Put Frogs and Toads

Second, you can put frogs and toads. June bugs are afraid to the sound of this animal. Because toad and frog are the predator for this insect.

3, Put The Method of Nematodes

Third, you can put the method of nematodes. It is a kind of parasites which can kill the development of june bugs.

How to Get Rid of June Bugs at Night

Well, there is a simple way to throw away and avoid the development of this bugs on your yard. First, you need to prepare oil, jar, and light. You put the jar on your yard and don’t forget to put light on it.

Then, you have to put the oil under the jar. June bugs like to go to the light place. They will be attracted to go to the light and automatically they will fall down inside the oil. This is a best way that you can do to get rid of june bugs at night.

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