How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast

Whenever you find any fruit fly infestation in your surroundings, then you need to be aware since this can be such as a nuisance especially to the quality of healthy life. It is because fly might carry various kinds of bacteria which can result on health problem.

get rid of fruit flies fast

Even though using pest control is known to be the most effective way to kill this insect, there are still a number of more natural methods which can be used to get rid of flys.

Natural Traps to Get Rid of Fruit Flys Effectively

If you have a problem with flys in your home, you can try these simple and affordable methods.

The power of soda bottle

Don’t look down about the power of soda bottle to trap the flys. You just need to empty the soda bottle and cut the top third of it, particularly near the top of the label.

Put in a sweet liquid inside the bottle such as sugar water so that it lurks in the bottom of bottle. Place the top third part in upside-down position so it looks like a cone. Make sure that it is fit with the opening of the larger part in the bottle.

The sweet inside the bottle will attract flies so that they enter the bottle and cannot get out. This method commonly is quite effective to get rid of fruit flies fast.

Combination of vinegar and dish soap

Another natural trap can be made by preparing a dish bowl and pour small amount of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar in it. Then, add the dish soap, better the ones with fruit scents into the mixture or vinegar and sugar. You can live this trap openly or cover it with plastic wrap.

If you cover the bowl, don’t forget to make a few small holes so that the flys are attracted and go inside. the mixture inside will trap them. So, it helps getting rid of the fruit flies effectively.

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