How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet and Home

get rid of fleas on carpet

Pets are so cute and funny. Those can entertain you when you are bad mood or tired. If you want to keep pets, you must be ready on the flea attack. Is it right? The fleas can be found one some home areas like carpet, bed, floor, and sofa.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Carpet and Home

Sometimes, you must be accustomed getting flea bites on humans. To rid of fleas in carpet and home, you can implement these following steps.

1. Using Vacuum Cleaner

The first way to do is using vacuum cleaner. It becomes the fastest and most effective way to get rid of fleas in carpet. Why could it be?

The fleas can be easily aspirated by vacuum cleaner. With this tool, you can also remove the other fleas and dust in the carpet.

To ensure the fleas aspirated, you can check vacuum cleaner bag. Don’t forget to clean its bag because fleas can develop and grow there.

2. Using Borax

Another way in cleaning fleas in carpet or home is using borax. Pet’s fleas can hide in the carpet. Moreover, if home carpet has thick fur, of course it is burdening you to clean it with vacuum cleaner.

You can use borax containing content that is able to kill and to get rid of fleas on cats. The ways are cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner.

After that, spread borax on the carpet that cannot be reached by vacuum cleaner. Let it one hour to wait pets’ flea dead. Clean again with vacuum cleaner.

3. Washing Home Carpet with Hot Water

Washing home carpet with hot water can be a step to get rid of fleas in home. Hot water is able to kill fleas and flea egg.

Wash carpet and cloth being a favorite spot of fleas gradually in order to be clean. Those are some ways on getting rid of fleas in home and carpet.

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