How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

Fire ants often become a problem for the majority of people since it brings impacts as the results of their stinger’s poison. Unlike other ants which like to bite or spray acids, this type of ants comes with a stinger on their abdomen.

get rid of fire ants

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants to Control Its Population

Fire ants will bite the using the jaws and put the stinger inside as a mechanism of killing and releasing its poison. Those which get fore stings will experience powerful burning pain and blisters as the effects of killed cell in affected area. Even though human is unlikely get killed by fire ants stings but its poison can bring some problems to the body.

Fire ants cannot be vanished completely, but you can get rid of fire ants in order to control its population.

1. Treat Fire Ants Mound

Treating the fire ants mound individually can be one of the methods to control its spread. If you do not use this treatment to the whole yard previously then it might be little bit difficult for you to handle it later.

2. Liquid Insecticides

Try a drench method which uses liquid insecticides which is put inside the mound. You need to convince that the whole mound get the proper treatment.

Use adequate amount of volume of the liquid insecticides or that it can kill the queen. Then, to get rid of ants outside the mounts you can take benefit of ants bait.

3. Use Ants Killer

Some ant killer products available in the markets can eradicate the specific types of fire ants. Obviously, most of the fire ants killers contain similar active ingredients, such as hydramethylnon.

Even though there are many chemicals which used in this kind of products, this chemical is known to be the quickest and most recommended product available in the market these days. Besides using natural way to get rid of ants, ants killer is a good option since it is not only effective but also save you money.

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