How to Get Rid of Crickets

get rid of crickets

The first thing that you have to pay attention about how to get rid of crickets is preventing the crickets’ arrival.

How to Prevent Crickets

  • First, you have to reduce the area which they might come in and come out your house. It is better to check the door and windows. You have to make sure that there is no cracks by sealing your windows and door. Then, you can also cover your vents with a screen to prevent the crickets for coming inside.
  • Second, you have to choose the trash bin with the lid to prevent the crickets. They like to go to the place with a strong smell of trash. It is better to seal your trash now.
  • Third, you have to cut the grass on your garden regularly. They like to hide and lays egg under the grass. It is good to cut the grass and make it neat. So, crickets are not interesting to come in.

Cricket Pest Control

There are two ways to do cricket pest control. First, people can use a vacuum cleaner to take the cricket and its eggs. So, there is no more cricket’s reproduction in your home. Then, there is a cricket pest control service which is offered in some countries.

They can help you to control and get rid of the cricket which has been developed inside your house. The technician will help you to identify and give you a method for cricket treatment.

Getting Rid of Crickets

Well, you have to learn and search some ways for getting rid of crickets from your house. First, you can make a glue trap for catching the crickets. You only need to put the sticky traps along the crickets area, such as: beside the door, windows and any other potential spot.

Second, you can use a pesticide or any other toxic substance for getting rid of crickets. You need to spray its substance into the door and window.

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