How to Get Rid of Chipmunk

chipmunk trap

There are some products of chipmunk control home remedies which are sold. You can buy those products to remove and even kill this small animal.

Making Your Own Chipmunk Trap

  • First, chipmunk is scared to the loud noises. You can put something which can produce a sound and turn it on into a loud voice. It can be useful to make chipmunk feel uncomfortable staying in your garden.
  • Second, you have to remove some woods and plantings around your garden. These woods will attract chipmunk to come to your house. Because they like to eat the food from the woods.
  • Third, the simplest one is by calling the professional to catch the chipmunk. They understand and know well about the tools and how to get rid of chipmunk from your house.

Chipmunk Control Home Remedies

There are some simple ways how to get rid of chipmunk which make a nest around your garden. However, here I will tell you about the homemade remedies to get rid of chipmunk. First, you need to prepare the garlic, peppers and soapy water.

You have to mix all of these ingredients into a spray bottle. Then, you can spray this liquid into the trees or plants in which the chipmunk keep from. It can be useful to throw away chipmunk from your garden.

Chipmunk Traps

Then, if you feel that the ways to get rid of chipmunk is not worked, you can try to make the chipmunk traps. There are some traps that you can make.

First, you can use the rat snap traps to catch the chipmunk. You can put the rat trap to catch this animal. You can use a box or animal cage and make the hole for the enter space. Then, you have to put the heavy thing which can close the trap.

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