How to Get Rid of Bees

get rid of carpenter bees

How to get rid of bees? Well, it is possible but you have to give it some efforts on it. Basically, bees are also the part of ecosystem and being the important part requires us to protect them. But sometimes they can be very annoying when they have been involved in human’s daily life.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Bees

For your information, there is certain species of bee that can damage your living space or even the culprit of inconvenience happened in your house.

Removing The Bees From Your House

It can be easy or difficult and it depends on how much they intrude your house. Pesticide is the best way to kill them eventually. But if they have the hive inside the house, you have to dress like professional to avoid the stinks.

Even though they seem like already dead, you still need to wear those bulky protective clothes to protect yourself from stink residue, especially if you are going to remove the hive.

The melted wax and honey can actually damage the wall of your house. The same way can be applied for how to get rid of bumble bees.

Carpenter Bees

There are many kinds of bees available in nowadays and most of them can be very annoying when you have to share your life with them. The methods of removing the bees might depend on the type of the bee.

If we talk about carpenter bees, you will see a small bee with oval shape. They can burrow the surface of the wooden furniture and they will leave some kind of 3/8 inches holes on it.

Carpenter bees are the solitary bee. But the individual nests, however, can multiply and will destroy the wood surface around them. Bees repellents will be good to answer how to get rid of carpenter bees.

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