How to Get Rid of Bats Quickly and Effectively

get rid of bats

The bat is known as a nocturnal mammal that flying and feed insects, and not interacts as well with human beings as other mammals. Sometimes, if a group of bats has been inhabited a place, they can be your serious nuisance and has to be eliminated.

How to Get Rid of Bats Quickly and Effectively

As we know, to get rid of bats there are endangered bat species and that marked as illegal in many states to kill some of them. Confirm the bat species before killing it to make sure not violating local laws.

1. Eliminate Bats Food and Shelter

The bats can feed 600 to 1000 insects in hour, that is may help you to get rid of unwanted insect pests such as mosquitoes, moths, spider mites and ladybugs. You may don’t want a group of bats living outside of your home even they are not harm the human being and contribute for your local ecology.

One of the simplest ways to get rid of bats from hour home is eliminate their food and shelter. Some of bat foods are like mosquitoes, scorpions, beetles and other pests in your landscape.

The favorite bat shelter is your attic, building and home that provide the dark place to hibernate and rest for each of bats. Eliminate those places may cause a group of bats to leaving your yard and look another place.

2. Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees may be supplying homes for a group of bats, therefore remove all of dead trees on your property. Move all of your piles of wood to garage or a woodshed, because the bats can roost in holes of trees and piles of wood. Reduce the potential roosting spots to push the bats leave your property.

3. Remove Standing Water

If there is small pond or birdbath, you should remove that standing water from your property. Generally, the empty containers are may hold water. Set the netting around the water if do not want the bats access your water outside to makes it inhospitable for every bats.

4. Set Mesh Screen

Oily and bat noises is the bat major sign. To decrease the bat problem by remove their entrance and exit spots with mesh screen. Do not forget to leave the bottom loose to create the escape way for every bat to leave your building.

After one week, cover up the last holes in doors or window with boards, glass or mesh screen and seal off permanently to prevent the bats back.

5. Leave Door and Window Open

The next simplest way to get rid of bats from your house by let them move on their own. Just open all of the doors and windows in your house at the same time in the morning to make the bats startled and leave your house.

6. Use Peppermint Oil Spray

You can boil the peppermint oil to get rid of bats from home. Add one cap of peppermint essential oil to the boiling water and pour the peppermint water into a spray bottle.

You can start to spray the peppermint water into all of bat nests around your house. Make sure to spray also all of the crevices in the wall.

7. Catch the Bats Directly

For the daring person, one of simplest way to get rid of bats from home is catching the bats. You should wear the gloves and use a net to capture the bats.

Be careful to prevent the bat bites as bats are a common rabies carrier. You may catch the bulk of bats with a tennis racket or a net if necessary, and trap them in the shoe box.

8. Commercial Pest Repellent Spray

pest repellent spray

The cat or dog repellent can be effective to get rid of bats effectively from your home. You may not use commercial pest repellent spray to the bats directly; just spray it into the spot where a group of bats roost.

Follow the bat droppings or known as guano, and spray the repellent to all of area when they out feeding at night. Make sure the commercial pest repellent is not dangerous to household pets or human.

9. Buy Bat House

bat house

For another option to control the group of bats is build your own or purchase a bat house. This unusual way is to provide bat house or alternate place for group of bats to feed the pest insects in your garden.

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