How to Get Rid Lice in Your Home

Get rid of head lice have made people crazy. Killing ticks is an easy way because ticks can become immune to the deadliest chemicals on the market. House cleaning cannot get rid of head lice.

The flea cannot fly or jump to your head. Ticks will crawl and stay in your head. There are many ticks that cannot live more than 24 hours without blood from your head.

get rid lice in home

The natural environment of the lice is the scalp that is covered by the hair. Sometimes it can fall from your head.

How to Get Rid Lice in Your Home

Follow-up test, the use of drugs and combs is a measure to combat the ticks. Actually, you can do simple steps to get rid of fleas from your environment. You will find it difficult to eliminate nits.

You should comb your hair regularly to get rid of lice eggs. It does take a long time because nits will not be easily killed just by chemical drugs. Below are some steps to get rid of fleas that enter your home.

Use a Vacuum

You can use a vacuum to suck your car seat, sofa, and bed every day. You should not miss this step because the bug can come all of a sudden.

Change the Pillowcase

It is not only pillow cases that should be changed every day but also pajamas, towels, and sheets. You can wash them every day. You should use hot water in high temperatures to kill the lice. You can also dry the object with high heat.

Keep Non-Washable Items

If your child has hair lice, then you should keep all the items that cannot be washed out of your child’s reach. You can send the item to Laundry. You can keep the item in a plastic bag.

Wash the Comb

The comb should be washed with hot water. You must brush the sidelines of the comb until clean. That’s the method to “get rid of lice in your home“.

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