How to Get Rid of House Flies

get rid of house flies

Do you have problems with house flies? The flies are of course very annoying. You must be getting rid of flies from your house to prevent diseases and bacteria. However, it is not easy way. You must get rid of hardly.

Getting Rid of House Flies

1. Using Flies Trap

There are many flies traps sold in the market cheaply and proven effectively to get rid of flies. To kick a group flies, you can use an ultraviolet trap. You can make homemade flies trap. Is it possible? Of course.

You can use jars and content with sweet syrup and make small holes on the close the jar. The flies will enter it easily but cannot get out easily.

2. Using Home Remedies

In addition to use flies trap, you can apply natural home remedy to trap the flies.

You can use aromatic leaves. Place aromatic leaves like lavender and mint around the food so that flies get disturbed to the aroma and scent and prevent the food. This is caused that the aroma of leaves is very strong for flies’ smelling.

Planting insect repellent plants is to get rid of drain flies. This is very effective to kick out flies. You can plant lavender, tomato, tansy, and many more.

Lighting a candle is potentially getting rid of flies from your house.

The candle makes surrounding feel hot for flies so that the flies will not approach goods around the candle. But, you must be careful to use the candle.

3. Using Insecticide

This becomes an effective way to get rid of flies from the house. You can use insecticide. It seems to be the last way to do if the above ways are unsuccessful.

Don’t forget to follow instructions and directions in spraying and washing your hands after you have used it. This is working to get rid of drain flies and house flies.

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