How to Get Rid of Hornets

Hornet nest actually does not bother humans. This is a paper wasp that has a yellow jacket. This wasp will eat other insects. You will not be attacked by this wasp when you are not disturbing this wasp. This is often builds nests in your home. This will definitely disturb the beauty of your home.

get rid hornets

How to Get Rid of a Hornet Nest

You can use the way below to remove the wasp nest.

Suck the Single Hornet

Usually, you can find single hornet near your home. You must use a fly-swatter but other wasps will come to your house when the wasp releases the chemicals.

If the nest is in the attic or hidden place, then the wasps can invite more pests than ever before. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the nest.

Spray the Nest

You can spray chemicals into the nest. The best time to spray the liquid is afternoon or morning because at that time the wasps become less active.

You can also soak the nest with pesticides so all the wasps will die. This is how to get rid of hornets.

Remove the Nest using Bag

You must use a security tool to perform this way. The Hornet can attack you malignantly. You should put a plastic bag under the hive.

Cut branches with sharp tools. Insert the nest into a bag that has been filled with insecticide. You can close the bag and burn the hive.

Use Vinegar

You have to cut the bottle neck with the size of 2 liters. You must turn the bottle up and put the bottle bottom to form a funnel. You can poke holes on both sides of the bottle.

Put the yarn into the bottle so you can hang the trap. Pour apple vinegar into the bottle and dish soap. You can use the strings to put raw meat into the bottle so that the bees will be interested in approaching the bottle.

You can catch the queen bee by using this trap. That is the simple method to get rid of a hornet nest.

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