How to Get Rid of Gnats From Home

Gnats are not harmful insects but they like to move around and this can be such a disturbance especially if the come into your house. Rotting foods commonly become the main attraction of this insect.

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However, there are some other factors which can make the gnats come such as dirty foods, dustbin, and even damp soil.

Simple Methods to Get rid of Gnats at Home You Need to Try

If you feel annoyed by these gnats, there are some useful tricks which you can use in order to get rid of gnats from home.

These tricks will be truly beneficial especially if you often find this insect come into the cabinets or even get close to the fridge.

Use bleach to banish them

Gnats not only invade your kitchen, they also often gather around the sink or over the tub drains and this can be really annoying. However, if you use apple cider vinegar or wine it will be less effective to banish them.

You need to use another trick by diluting small amount of bleach with water then pour it into the tub drain or sink. If you use one gallon of water, then add it with one and a half cup of bleach. While doing this process, don’t forget to cover yourself with mask and gloves.

You can use this trick for several times until you cannot find again gnats in bathroom.

Make a rotten banana trap

Another trick to get rid of this annoying insect is by using rotten banana. No wonder banana is the main attraction of gnats especially the rotten ones. Hence, you can use this fruit to attract them.

All you have to do is crushing the rotten banana and place it into a bowl. Then, cover the top with plastic wrap. Make some holes over it.

When the gnats enter the bowl they will be trapped and lurk on the bowl so that they cannot get out again. Hence, it is not surprising if this method is considered as effective way on how to kill gnats.

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