How to Get Rid of Frogs Around Home

Finding a frog infestation in your yard can be irritating. Frogs plays important role in controlling the insect population but their noise can be such as nuisance for people around them. Besides, some frogs are poisonous so that they can be dangerous if eaten by pets or make a contact with people.

get rid of frogs around home

Homemade Frog Repellent Which Work Best to Get Frogs Away

Perhaps it is quite difficult to find commercial frog repellent, but you can overcome this condition by making homemade traps for them.

Get them away with salt

In order to make the frogs flee away, you can try to spread salt around the entrances of the house or near the ponds when the frogs commonly spotted.

Salt will give unpleasant feeling to the feet and skin of frogs so that is renowned to be one of effective ways on how to get rid of frogs. However, you need to be careful and not spreading it on the plant since it will terminate them.

Using salt offers side effects which can make the soil less supporting for plant growth. Hence, this method is more suitable to be used inside or near the house.

Use coffee ground

The function of coffee ground is quite similar with salt which is to make the frogs feel uncomfortable and prevent them to gather in the places where they usually appear.

Different with salt, coffee contains nitrogen which serves as essential component to support plants growth so that it can be used as plant fertilizer. However, you need to convince that you do not spread to much coffee ground over the plant since it is also quite acidic.

If the soil around the plants get acidic, then it might cause problem on the plants such as make them have improper growth.

However, when you can use salt to get rid of frogs around home, coffee ground is better to be used outdoor as long as in proper amount.

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